BLÜCHER offers a wealth of linear drainage solutions

BLÜCHER offers a wide range of standard, modular and custom-made drainage channels in stainless steel to meet any linear drainage requirement. BLÜCHER® Channel products are ideal for use in commercial kitchens, the food and beverage industry, and in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The product range is entirely compatible with BLÜCHER® Drain Industrial accessories and BLÜCHER® EuroPipe.

BLÜCHER channels and gratings can meet any demand
Drainage channels from BLÜCHER are designed with integrated fall, center or end outlet, in several standard widths and in lengths from 1 to 6 m - for slot channels up to 12 m. The channels are suitable for concrete, tiled, vinyl and epoxy flooring and can be equipped with gratings for weight loads from 250 to 12,000 kg. Their smooth surfaces with no sharp edges make cleaning and keeping a high hygienic standard easy.

Ensure an effective drainage solution in professional kitchens
BLÜCHER® Channel also comprises kitchen channels for concrete, tiled, resin, and vinyl floors. Kitchen channels from BLÜCHER make it easy to create the correct fall in the floor and ensure that a large area can be drained in one location and directly into the kitchen channel. Mesh gratings are a good supplement to kitchen channels, as they are lightweight and non-skid.

Stainless steel channels are suited for all applications
BLÜCHER® Channel can also be applied for outdoor use as a gutter or to collect water to be drained off the roof area. The product range also offers solutions for barefoot areas that can be used around swimming pools, in showers and changing rooms and more.

Drainage channels can be made to your specification
BLÜCHER also offers purpose-made channels for all applications on request to ensure that all drainage requirements can be satisfied. Channels are manufactured in special widths, lengths, shapes, etc. and in stainless steel AISI 316L/EN 1.4404 for demanding environments. Learn more about our customized solutions.

Removable water trap

Removable water trap with excellent self-cleaning properties and an extremely high flow capacity

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