BLÜCHER stainless steel pipes and fittings are easy to install

BLÜCHER has the most extensive range of pipes and fittings in stainless steel. BLÜCHER® EuroPipe is produced in a variety of dimensions from Ø40 mm to Ø315 mm in standard lengths ranging from 0.15 m up to 6 m and is complemented by a complete program of bends, branches and brackets. Products like access fittings and the rat stop are also part of this range. Furthermore, BLÜCHER offers a range of tools, such as electrical and manual pipe cutters, to easily cut BLÜCHER® EuroPipe on site.

Save time in the installation process
The pipes can be used above as well as below ground. The low weight means that the pipes can be handled by one person and combined with a minimum need for brackets and the push-fit system, real time is saved in the installation process. BLÜCHER® EuroPipe is easy to assemble and connect to drains, channels and other pipework without the use of adaptors or connectors.

Stainless steel pipes perform in all sectors
BLÜCHER® EuroPipe stainless steel pipes and fittings can be used for both newbuild and renovation and for many purposes, such as wastewater drainage, rainwater drainage, vacuum cleaning systems and roof drainage for housing, hospitals, commercial kitchens, the food and beverage industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and for black and grey water installations onboard ships. The smooth stainless steel surface and high flow capacity prevent deposits inside the pipework system, which means that the pipes require a minimum of maintenance.

Removable water trap

Removable water trap with excellent self-cleaning properties and an extremely high flow capacity

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